Ambulance Cleaning

Emergency Ambulance Cleaning in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield

After an ambulance has been used to transport a patient to the hospital, the vehicle is rife with contaminants that must be cleaned before the ambulance can be used again for patient transport. Our specialist team are fully trained in the process of ambulance cleaning to ensure the proper attire, equipment and protocols are followed which in turn assure the safety of the staff and patients is protected.

Each of our emergency ambulance cleaners will wear their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to protect from personal risks to health. While there are optional garments, there are two that are mandatory: Eye Protection and Gloves. The optional coverage includes an isolation gown, mask, and shoe covers referred to as booties. In some cases, minimal protection is adequate. Where there is more bodily fluids involved, our cleaners will always ensure they take the necessary precautions.

During the ambulance cleaning process, larger equipment may be removed and washed down using our purpose made sterilisers. Items that need extensive, detailed cleaning will be placed in the correct bio-hazard bag and sent to be cleaned. On-board equipment and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised in the emergency ambulance itself as they cannot be removed.

If the straps are soaked or stained with blood or bodily fluids, our emergency ambulance cleaners will clean and sanitise them without removing them as we are fully aware that we need to clean the vehicle as efficiently as possible so it can go back on the road and save lives. Needles and sharps will be place into a sharps container, if there are no sharps containers available, or they are full then we will provide our own.

For more information on our emergency ambulance cleaning in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield call 0800 772 0716.