Amido Black Cleanup

Amido Black Cleaning, Removal and Cleanup in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford

When there is a police investigation several techniques for gathering evidence are used, including photography, fingerprinting and other material evidence. If blood is present or suspected of being present in a fingerprint or footprint for example, other agents can be used to aide in the investigation. One such aide is Amido Black. As Amido Black is a carcinogenic, it is imperative that you utilise the services of a fully trained and insured Amido Black cleaning and cleanup company such as ourselves.

This agent is an amino-acid staining dye that reacts to proteins in blood. It also reacts to other types of proteins, but in the case of criminal investigation it is used for blood.  For example, if a footprint has been spotted by a crime scene investigation, the police may wish to get a clearer view of the ridges of the print. If blood is present in the footprint, Amido Black can be applied to improve or make the appearance of the footprint more distinct.

Amido Black is considered a hazardous material because it is a carcinogenic (a substance directly related to causing cancer) which is why it must only be removed by a fully trained Amido Black cleaning, removal and cleanup company such as ourselves. We take pride in having the proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), a team of fully trained experts and being fully insured.

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