Custody Cell Cleaning

Custody Cell Cleaning across Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield

Custody cells and jail cells at police stations are often the scene of some unsavoury incident and these are something that can lead to biohazards being present. These biohazards can increase the risk of cross contamination of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis to both staff and other prisoners alike. Therefore, the cleaning of a custody cell has to be handled by a professionally trained team of custody cell cleaning experts.

In the United Kingdom, it is the custody sergeant that is responsible for the overall welfare of the members of the public that are being detained in their cells. Unfortunately, not everyone is a model detainee and it is not uncommon for some prisoners to defecate and urinate in their cells as a form of protest. There is also the risk of vomit and blood being present in the cell and it is these bodily excretions that can contain any number of harmful and highly contagious diseases. Therefore, they must be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly in order to lower the risk of infection. It is not uncommon for ceilings and walls to be affected by these dirty protests and these are not always limited to the detainee’s cell, they can often take place in communal areas of the police station and the custody suite too.

To assist with the prevention of contagious diseases spreading throughout the police station, quick intervention from a professional custody cell cleaning company is vital. Due to the fact that jail cells and communal areas of police stations and custody suites are confined spaces, any risk of contamination needs to be dealt with quickly.

The fact is, police stations are busy places, with a lot of people coming and going at all hours of the day and night. Therefore there is a need for a rapid response to any spilt bodily fluids and this can only be achieved by a professional custody cell cleaning company like us.

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