End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford

For those who rent rooms, lofts or apartments in Manchester, Leeds or Bradford, cleaning them out properly when completing a move out is really the first step towards moving in new residents. Proper cleaning means more than simply sweeping, dusting and wiping, a proper end of tenancy cleaning service is one that thoroughly cleans every aspect of the rooms involved. So make the most of our experience and expertise when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in Manchester, Leeds and Bradford.

End of tenancy cleaning is a common practice when residents are moving out. However, such a service must be done properly because leftover dirt and debris can detract from renting the space again and worse, germs and bacteria that are not accounted for can thrive and affect the health of those who move into the space.

We offer the best in cleaning services for a number of different entities, our end of tenancy cleaning falls well into that line. Our goal is 100% cleaning with everything covered so that the space is more than presentable to potential new tenant and no health hazards are left behind. In this manner, we strive to do the best job possible in leaving behind a clean, safe and sanitised environment for the next person or persons who move in. If we should miss something after we have completed the job, we will come back at no extra charge to ensure that it meets your standards.

We breakdown our cleaning services into a series of sections that involve the space that is being cleaned. That way, we can ensure that each area gets a thorough job before leaving the property. Also, we work with you all the way from when we first enter until we leave to know that you are satisfied with what has been accomplished. In fact, we encourage all our clients to go over everything with us beforehand and after the cleaning is completed so that we get everything.

Whether it is a single room or a complex series of rooms on different stories, we will clean the entire area. This means that we start by assigning our trained technicians to thoroughly clean from the top down so that all dirt, dust and debris is fully removed. Plus, we sanitise all the areas applicable so that our cleaning is complete and no germs or bacteria are left behind.

All rooms are given a good, going-over to ensure that they are cleaned properly. Again, we start from the top down so that any dust or dirt that falls to the floor is then removed by our vacuums and sweepers. That way, everything is accounted for and you have a clean loft, space or property to rent for new tenants.

Stairs and Hallways: We vacuum clean the hallways and stairs where applicable using the best, most reliable machines. This means that we clean the lampshades, light switches or fittings, skirting boards, doors, exterior and interior window sills and remove cobwebs, empty out all rubbish bins and clean them as well as part of our service to you. We ensure that the stairs, railings and fixtures are properly cleaned and free of dust, dirt and debris. Likewise, hallways are dusted, cleaned and vacuumed to ensure that they are properly cleaned as well.

Bedrooms: We clean the beds, skirting boards, lampshades, light switches and fittings, remove all cobwebs, clean the exterior and interior of the windows, empty and clean out the rubbish bins and then completely vacuum the bedroom to clean the floors and ensure that all dirt and debris has been removed.

Bathroom: We clean the toilet, washbasin, the exterior and interior of the windows, bath, and shower and floor thoroughly. Plus, we remove all lime scale from the tiles on the floor and walls. We sanitise the bathroom as well to kill any mold or mildew that might have escaped the initial cleaning process. That way, we can ensure that the bathrooms are properly cleaned for use.

Kitchen: Our cleaning technicians will clean the cookers inside and out including the hob and extractor fan, microwave, refrigerator and freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, soap dispenser and all cupboards, doors and storage area before mopping the floors and disinfecting the entire room. We clean all appliances as well, including the kettle, work surfaces and so forth until everything is cleaned properly. That includes all windows inside and out along with the window sills and rubbish bins.

Sitting and Living Room: All shelves, mantles, tables, lampshades, light switches or fittings, windows both inside and out along with window sills, skirting boards, and we empty and clean the rubbish bins as well. Then, the floor is completely vacuumed and cleaned to ensure that we get all dirt and debris out of the room itself.

Other Rooms: We also clean closets and all other rooms on the property that are required for end of tenancy cleaning. This means that we dust, clean and vacuum in areas were possible and remove all dirt and debris as well. We also follow special instructions for particular rooms or when certain areas need extra attention.

Our cleaning services are perfect for those who are moving out or perhaps are moving into a property. Our services are designed to ensure that everything is cleaned to the highest standards so that the property itself can be quickly used by new tenants and meets all property standards as well.

We are a professional cleaning service that not only does end of tenancy cleaning, but crime scene cleaning as well. We set the highest standards for our services that we offer at low, competitive prices so that you can get the most from what we offer.

Let us demonstrate to you just how effective our end of tenancy cleaning services can be when you call and schedule us for an appointment. Remember, we are available at all times so that if you have a quick turnaround that needs to be met, we can accomplish the task. Our friendly, courteous staff awaits your call so that they can set an appointment and answer all the questions that you might have.