Police Vehicle Cleaning

Police Vehicle Cleaning Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester

As part of a Police officer’s daily routine you are required to restrain suspects and place them into your car. This opens up a wide range of potential issues, if the suspect is bleeding, vomiting, urinates or defecates in your vehicle you have a high chance of contracting all kinds of viruses including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, HIV and many more.

Whenever a suspect either bleeds, urinates, defecates or vomits in the vehicle the vehicle must be cleaned to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.  Police officers shouldn’t be expected to clean their vehicles themselves due to the risk of the suspect having a disease.  Some examples of these could be:  HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.  From a legal point of view, the constabulary need to be 100% confident that any of these diseases have been removed from the vehicle due to the chance of contaminating not only the officer, but the next suspect too.

This is where Crime Scene Cleaning Services come in.  We are police vehicle cleaning specialists and can remove any biohazards that are present.  Our professionally trained team are experienced in the proper way to clean each different situation.  They are equipped with the appropriate cleaning products and specialist protective clothing to enable them to safely and effectively remove all of the biohazards out of the police car.

Our teams number one priority when taking on a Police vehicle clean have everyone safety in mind at all times.  The level of contamination will determine how long the entire police vehicle cleaning service will take and can range from 20 minutes to a few hours. This all depends on how severely the police vehicle has been contaminated.  After our team have left you will have the peace of mind that all of the hazardous material will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

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