Void Property Cleaning

Void Property Cleaning Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford and Leeds

Void Property Cleaning is an essential service for landlords, property owners, property renovators and estate/letting agents. As experienced crime scene cleaners, we have come across almost every situation a person could imagine and provide an invaluable service to property owners who may not be able to deal with situations in voided or abandoned properties.

Abandoned properties will present unpredictable complications for an owner who needs rent them out as quickly as possible and generate the necessary income to cover the mortgage. There are a wide range of scenes a landlord may encounter in a void property and it is best to have a cleaning company who are fully trained to safely and effectively deal with any situation that may occur during the cleanup process.

If your tenants vacate and leave an illegal drug laboratory behind you should contact a professional cleaning company who are specially trained in this kind of clean up as this type of situation must be treated, in effect, like a crime scene and cleaned up accordingly. In these type of situations there is a chance hypodermic needles and all the other parphanalia  are found. This is not the type of situation you want to clean up yourself due to the chances of getting pricked by the needles as you are picking them up and contracting an infectious disease such as HIV.

An in depth void property cleanup by Crime Scene Cleaning Services will ensure that anything that pertains to a potential crime, anything that could make you liable as a landlord and cause you to be charged by an incoming tenant or the authorities, will be removed and disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.

Sometimes when a contract is up and the tenants leave, you can walk in to find the property riddled with dirt, spoiled and rotten food, but genuine human waste. Cleaning up these items is not only repulsive, it presents serious health hazards to the people involved. An in depth void property cleanup will ensure all of this waste is removed from your property and will so eliminate any and all the dangers presented to you and your future tenants.

All of our cleaners are vaccinated against bloodborne pathogens including hepatits B and have extensive experience in these situations.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services can do the job quickly and on short notice to bring you peace of mind so you can get back to business.

For more information on our void property cleaning in Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford and Leeds, just call us on 0800 772 0716 – we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.