Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning and Cleaners in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Bradford

The role of a crime scene cleaner is to make an area safe that has been contaminated by biological hazards, such as the blood and bodily fluids that are often expelled through murders or suicides. Only a team of professional biohazard cleaners should attempt to tackle an area that has been contaminated as a result of human decomposition, blood and tissue etc. The technicians that are employed by the crime scene cleaning company are trained in the use of special equipment and chemicals that aid the clean up process. In addition to which, the cleaners are fully trained on how to remain emotionally detached from some of the scenes that they are likely to be working in, such as murder and suicide scenes.

The crime scene cleaning company will only be permitted to enter the area once the police and forensic examination teams have completed their investigations. Once the property has been handed back to the owners, the cleaning company will inspect the area, in order to assess the task at hand, they will then offer a quote for the costs of the cleaning process. The cleaning of a scene such as this needs to be completed in a methodical manner so that the scene is restored to its original condition, with no trace elements of bodily fluids or tissue remaining.

It is usual for a crime scene clear up company to be hired in order to decontaminate a crime scene area due to the fact that they have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job. Not only will they have the right equipment and access to the chemicals needed to complete the job to a professional standard, but they will be less emotionally attached than the family members of the deceased. Professional crime scene decontamination is vital due to the presence of bodily fluids and tissue which will start to decompose very quickly after death. This decomposing tissue will be a magnet for flies and bugs, as well as a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. It is the presence of these contaminants that pose a risk to human health, and in order to make sure that this is not a problem, only a professional crime scene cleaning company will be able to ensure a spotlessly clean environment.

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