Decomposition Cleanup

Decomposition and Unattended Death Cleanup and Cleaning Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford

Crime Scene Cleaning Services offers comprehensive decomposition cleanup as part of its full list of available services. A decomposition cleanup procedure involves a number of important steps that ensure no issues remain for the users of the property once the job is complete. It is important to understand exactly what’s involved in a decomposition cleanup so you can understand why it is something you should never attempt to do yourself, or even let a “domestic” cleaning company attempt on your behalf.

Criminal liability is the biggest reason to leave the job to qualified experts. As there will be extensive body tissue and fluids at the scene, if someone was to attempt to clean the scene and became infected with any of the numerous bloodborne pathogens such as HIV or Hepatitis B, then you will be responsible. Crime Scene Cleaning Services will address this issue safely and effectively on your behalf.

When our cleaners arrive at the scene, they will undertake a thorough and in depth risk assessment. Our expert cleaners will evaluate the scene to determine any and all risks to the property, owners and property users. Any time a decomposition has taken place, contamination will be inevitable and must be addressed safely and effectively  by a trained professional. Certain steps must be taken to contain the decomposing bodies or body parts and any other decomposing material. The material itself must be considered to be infectious, no matter how low the relative risk appears to be.

All materials will be assumed as biohazards and will be handled as such. The entire area will be considered infected by these biohazards and an in depth clean-up will take place immediately in accordance with environmental law. The most effective cleaning chemicals will be used to complete the clean-up process and materials will be disposed of by our licensed professionals in a manner compliant with all applicable disposal laws so that liability for these materials will not be your concern.

Discretion is another essential element in any decomposition clean-up service. Crime Scene Cleaning Services operates in a discreet manner and maintains confidentiality on the scene and throughout the entire process from start to finish. This policy ensures that the property owner is protected from invasive questions and inquiries from those who have no business being involved in the situation. Not only are the hazards to your property removed, but your reputation is also protected.

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