Murder Scene Cleaning

Murder Scene Cleaning in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford

Our cleaners are highly experienced in the cleanup of murder scenes and they understand that they can’t always be prepared for what they are about to walk into. Our office based team are extremely understanding and empathetic to those involved during the initial call.

Our specialist murder scene cleaning team are highly experienced and take pride in the fact we are cleaning up on behalf of the family preventing them from having to go through further distress by doing the cleanup themselves. Our job is to make sure we clean up any blood, bodily fluids and tissue matter that are found a the scene and to remove any and all items that have been contaminated with any blood, body fluids, or tissue matter.

Individuals will have the peace of mind of knowing that once the area is clean it will be a safe environment to enter.  Our specialist murder scene cleaning team are professionally trained in how to take care of any biohazard materials and our main aim is to ensure nobody comes into any form of contact with these biohazards as they can contain potentially fatal pathogens.

Our cleaners will clean all areas that have been infected, in a safe, effective and respectable way. Our team also ensures areas that would normally get looked over such as grout, wood flooring, cement and sub flooring are thoroughly sanitised and the entire scene is odourless.

All of our cleaners have special custom formulated cleaning fluids that will be used during the cleaning process and wear specialist protective clothing during the entire cleanup process.  All of the contaminated items will be taken away and safely disposed.

For more information on our murder scene cleaning in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford just call us on 0800 772 0716.