Shotgun Suicide Cleanup

Shotgun Suicide Cleaning and Cleanup in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and Manchester

When an individual commits suicide a specialist cleaning company such as ourselves needs to come in and clean the area where the body was found.  This can be a dangerous and lengthy process that is hard for the loved ones and friends involved.

A suicide is a hard situation and a shotgun suicide is even harder. There are many steps that must be taken, first we will be looking for items that unfortunately we will have to throw away.  For example if the suicide has taken place in the bedroom items such as bedsheets will have to be thrown away. In this situation another item that will need to be thrown away is the mattress.  Any valuables or personal items will be properly cleaned, sanitised and removed from the room in a respectful manor.  The carpet will be hard to clean so it will more than likely have to be rolled up and thrown away.  The next step will be to scrub down all the walls and also the floorboards.

Our specialist shotgun suicide cleaning team are professionals and know how to properly dispose of contaminated items.  We also have the proper chemicals and proper clothing to clean the scene.  The correct use of the clothing will help prevent our cleaners coming into contact with potentially dangerous biohazards.

By cleaning the scene properly, we will prevent any individual from coming into contact with the dangerous bio hazardous areas.  A shotgun suicide cleanup can only be completed by our professional cleaners that have been properly trained.  Another place that they will clean is the cement, sub flooring, grout, and wood flooring.  These are places that normal cleaning companies don’t necessarily think about.  It is important that the area in which the suicide occurred is cleaned and sanitised.

It’s hard enough for individuals when a loved one or friend commits suicide.  By having a proper cleaning company come and clean the area it will be easier on everyone.  We know exactly what we are looking for and everywhere to clean and we will also be able to dispose of the biohazard legally and safely.

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