Norovirus Cleaning

Norovirus Cleaning and Decontamination Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford

What is the procedure if someone within your business begins vomiting and has diarrhoea?  Are you aware there is a very high chance that person could have Norovirus. This disease is very contagious and can be spread easily to different people which calls for a specialist Norovirus cleaning company.

When your business has an individual with Norovirus, you will want it properly cleaned, decontaminated and sanitised so that you won’t have a re-occurrence of the virus and put any members of staff at risk of contracting the disease.  As experienced crime scene cleaners, we have an established Norovirus cleaning team with the knowledge of the chemicals needed to completely sterilise an area and kill the Norovirus.

Our Norovirus cleaners will ensure that the entire area and every hard surface is cleaned, sanitised and decontaminated.  Since the Norovirus is an airborne disease it is safer to have your entire business cleaned by a professional decontamination and sanitisation company, as a “normal” cleaning company will not have the skills and equipment to kill airborne viruses.

The cleaning crew that will come into your business to clean will have all the proper equipment necessary to decontaminate and sanitise the entire area. They have been fully trained in how to deal with blood borne pathogens and as you would expect, safety is at the centre of everything they do.  By getting your business cleaned as soon as you see the symptoms, this could prevent the virus from spreading and making the rest of your staff ill.  We also have our own formulated hand gel that is specifically tailored towards killing the Norovirus and these are an important factor in preventing another outbreak.

We take pride in our due diligence and ensure it is germ free to reduce staff absences and prevent you wasting valuable resources by paying staff whilst they are off sick.

For more information on our Norovirus cleaning and decontamination across Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Bradford  just call us on 0800 772 0716.